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Small Block Chevy Engine Codes

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As new castings are released on late models keep your eyes open for the new numbers. The diagram above shows where each of the casting identifiers is located on the engine. Later blocks may also have the size of the engine displacement in liters listed at 3. The last three numbers of the block casting number may also be repeated in this location.

The block casting number on smallblock and big block Chevy V-8 motors is located on a ledge found at the rear of the block, most often on the driver's side.

1955-1996 Chevy Small-Block Performance Guide: The Block Manual (Part 1)

This ledge is below the deck of the block and the ledge forms the mating surface between the block and the transmission bellhousing. Some of the later model blocks have the casting number on the passenger side of this ledge.

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The number itself can have 6, 7 or 8 numeral digits. They might look like this "" or "" or "". The block casting numbers do not have any letters in them.

There are sometimes individual letters found on blocks like "GM" or "CFD" for the Central Foundry Division, but they are not part of the block casting number. Also some of the later blocks have the size of the motor shown in liters.

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You may see a "5. On the side of some later blocks the last three digits of the block casting number are cast into the block, but these are difficult to see when the engine is in a vehicle. The block casting date indicates when the block itself was cast in the foundry. This date does not indicate when the motor was assembled and then later placed into the vehicle at the factory.

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The block casting date is usually found on the rear ledge of the block on the passenger side, but some later model blocks have the casting date on the driver's side of the rear ledge. Some of the early big blocks made in the Sixties have the block casting date located on the passenger side of the block near the freeze plug holes. On these, if the early big block is in the car you will have to get under the motor to see the casting date.

Do it while the car is on a lift.

Chevrolet small-block engine

The casting dates look something like this "E 12 7". The "E" stands for the month of the year with "A" being the month of January, "B" being the month of February and so on thru the letters to December. In this case the "E" stands for the month of May, the fifth month of the year and the fifth letter of the alphabet. The "12" stands for the 12th day of the month. The "7" is the year of the decade.

Now unfortunately this could be '57, '67, '77, '87 or '97 depending on which part you are looking at. Some casting dates have both the year of the decade and the decade itself. You can identify a Chevy by the numbers on its engine block, recorded in an official Chevy engine block registry. The identification number consists of a seven-to-eight digit code.

The prefix consists of five digits and explains the date and the location of the Chevy's manufacture.

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The suffix provides the size, model year, and the horsepower of the Chevy engine. The suffix can be either two digits or three digits. Locate the Chevy identification number on the engine block.

SBC Blocks

The Chevrolet small-block engine is a series of automobile V8 engines built by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors using the same basic. Small Block Chevy engine identification. Code identification, Casting Number info.

Depending on the size of the engine, the location of the identification number will vary. Look for the identification number on the engine block.

Chevy V8 Block Casting Number Locations

They might look like this "" or "" or "". The O22 is Jan 2nd. Pass,Camaro,Monte Carlo,Malibu. This means the bolt pattern on the end of the crankshaft was reduced to 3. Right now we are limiting our listings to Chevy V-8 blocks, cranks and heads.

Look closely because the alternator blocks the identification number. The identification numbers on a Chevy big block V-8 engine are on the covering of the timing chain. Decipher the Chevy engine identification number prefix. The identification number contains a combination of numbers and letters and is seven or eight characters.