Finding a job with famous people

11 celebrities share the jobs they'd have if they didn't get famous

Celebrities capture the spotlight, but behind each famous face is an army of handlers and support staff who keep the whole show running. Snagging one of these coveted jobs could mean a famous boss and peek into the rarefied world of the rich and famous.

Famous Boss? 7 Best Jobs If You Want to Work for a Celebrity

You may need to spend years working your way up the ladder before you get the position you want tales of burnout among would-be agents who roam the halls of talent agencies are legendary. Often, getting plum gigs depends on whom you know.

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Hours can be intense and celebrity clients demanding. Some jobs, such as an entertainment lawyer, sound glamorous but may not actually involve much contact with famous faces. Still, working for an A-lister is an alluring prospect for many.

Gwen Stefani started off as a Dairy Queen clerk.

Skip to content. It shows you're not proficient in one field. If you are highly skilled at something and put yourself out there, people will notice, and incredible opportunities can open up for you. Not only will you fail to get a job, but you will likely be court ordered to remain several feet away from him at all times. As I mentioned before, most high-profile Principals are going to get someone through a referral. As much as possible. More information.

And the rewards can be great, from six-figure salaries to international travel to the opportunity to attend award shows and other exclusive events. Ready to get behind the velvet rope? Here are seven of the best jobs to consider if your dream is to work for a celebrity. They outsource those tasks and many others to a personal assistant. Assistants often live and travel with their famous boss, making it one of the best jobs for those who want an up-close-and-personal look at celebrity life.

Mahin recounted being asked to do homework for the children of her celebrity employer. Most people get hired through word of mouth, Mahin said.

Bodyguard, Executive Protection Professional, Close Protection Officer, Security Guard

Some specialty employment agencies will place personal assistants, but if a celebrity is looking to hire someone in that way, it could be because they have a bad reputation, Mahin explained. More than one celebrity has moved from making movies to making deals. Alba is actively involved in her company, Forbes reported.

In other cases, a celebrity may be the public face of the company but not very involved in the day-to-day operations. The good news is that getting these jobs may depend less on who you know and more on your concrete skills. Not too long ago, stars often showed up at events in outfits they picked out themselves, but in recent years, stylists have become an essential cog in the celebrity-making machine.

These fashion pros create the red carpet looks that make waves at movie premieres and the Oscars.

15 Ridiculous Jobs Celebrities Actually Employ People To Do

Working as a stylist is a dream job for fashion mavens, who may even become famous in their own right. Quality Blog Posts.

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Advancement Celebrity Bodyguards can be assigned to higher status or higher threat clients as their experience grows. That means a larger paycheck. Celebrity Bodyguards can also open their own agencies, or be promoted to executive positions within the agency.

Want to Work for a Celebrity? It May Be Possible

Celebrity Bodyguards always have some form of special military or police training. Top security firms exclusively hire elite U.

Tiffany Haddish says she would teach sex ed if she wasn't an actor.

Army Delta Force, and other special ops vets. College is not essential, although some training programs do exist. As mentioned above, military or law enforcement experience is essential, with the most prestigious firms accepting applicants only from the highest ranks of military service or law enforcement. Celebrity Bodyguards must possess higher than average strength as well as intelligence so that they can fight off an assailant as easily as they can zero in on potential threats in a crowded room. Bodyguards can work eight or twelve-hour shifts.

And bodyguards can also work around the clock. Successful applicants all come from the highest ranks of military service or are high-ranking, specialized veterans with a law enforcement background. However, there is no one union or group that Celebrity Bodyguards must join. The majority of Celebrity Bodyguards are part of a community of veterans from their specific branch of service.

Treat restaurant staff right and tip them right.

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An elite special ops veteran himself, Davis has been serving since he was a teenager on Catalina Island, and is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Career Advice Articles.

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Here are some famous founders whose companies have job Here are 12 celebrities whose businesses are looking for employees right now. Credit: nito / Being a celebrity has its perks. You travel to exotic places, dine at five-star restaurants and probably never get.