How to find make of motherboard

How do I find what computer motherboard I have?

How to Check Your Motherboard With Command Prompt

If you need to identify your motherboard (the model number), you can do one of the below three things. You can view the manufacturer and model number in your Windows system using the System Information utility. For example, for a computer with an MSI motherboard, the manufacturer. But if you do have a compatible motherboard, this is the easiest way to check your motherboard model and brand on Windows. First, start up.

Unfortunately for some the information you find in these tabs is going to seem a little foreign. To put it simply, the Baseboard manufacturer is the brand of the motherboard. The Baseboard model should show the model number chipset number which is useful for knowing whether you can upgrade certain hardware or not.


Finally, the Baseboard Name is just how the MB shows up on your system. Not massively important.

CPU-Z Utility Mainboard Tab

Next story. You can not do it if you do not know your motherboard model. It has a simple user interface that lets you overview and detailed reports of each hardware part. Run a software application that will scan your hardware resources and identify the motherboard. There are few ways by which you can find the details about motherboard from the windows inbuilt utility.

If you thought the difficulty of each task was increasing with easy section then you would be very wrong. To find what RAM your computer has simply do the following:.

How to find BIOS Version, Motherboard Manufacturer, and Model

Checking your hard drive is probably the easiest thing to find as far as specs go. To find how much Storage your PC has simply do the following:. If you want to find out whether or not you HD is SSD or not you can simply open up your disk defragment and optimize drive tool. Underneath Media type it will tell you whether it is Solid State Drive or not.

How to check your Motherboard's Model Number(Sai Computer)

SSD is the better of the 2 if you were wondering! If it does, great!

However, is the CPU powerful enough to get the most out of it? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about upgrading hardware in your PC.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Graphics Benchmark

By finding out the specs of your computer you have the tools there to either do the research online to see what parts are compatible or you can speak to someone who will be able to recommend the next best step. If this sounds like a little too much work however why not check out our articles on best PC builds and our guide to building a PC.

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We have a whole list of fantastic builds which takes away the stress and thought of doing your own independent research. A VulkanRT?

How to Find a Laptop Motherboard Manufacturer |

How to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Sooner or later you will need to know the manufacturer and exact model of your motherboard, especially if you plan to upgrade your computer, since the upgrade capabilities of your computer are set by the motherboard model you have. You will require this information if you perform a BIOS upgrade or download your motherboard manual or drivers. Also, you may want to check if the motherboard installed in your PC is really the model you ordered.

How To Find your Motherboard Model in Windows

Usually, the warranty is void if you open your computer, so you will need to discover how to learn this information without opening your PC. How is it possible to know the motherboard manufacturer through software? Inside the computer BIOS there is a serial number, which includes a code for the manufacturer.

So, a hardware identification utility reads the BIOS serial number and deciphers it for you. A quick Google search should be enough to find this out.