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Five Best Family Guard Dog Breeds

Our Western society has completely altered this breed and with this came several degenerative problems. This is a sensitive subject indeed. The docking, if performed at the proper time, occurs on day three of birth. It is older dogs who are cropped that have problems.

10 Best Family dogs

And ears are another issue. A young adult that is six months to a year is a good age, and at this point I am rehoming a dog. Back to German Shepherds for a minute.

They are born with floppy ears just like a wolf but they will naturally stand erect when the dogs mature. Or hip dysplacia. They are as close to perfect as you can get in a dog. And you will know their personality very easily even as a young puppy. Not all are alpha protectors. Some are just shy little babies that will hide between your legs.

They are mid sized dogs. They are known for being friendly and nice.

They can trick you and cause mischief. But if someone tries to hurt you or your wife or kid…the dog would literally rather die than see that happen. My wife and I used to play around the house and if we got too rough the dog would come nip me in the back of the leg and get me to chase her… away from my wife.

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Think how smart that is. Amazing dogs. I miss mine so much…. About The Author: Ryan Rauch.

Scottish Terrier

Angela K Wheatley. Being a real parent and feeling the responsibility to protect and raise my children to be contributing members of society… they need to see the dynamics of nurture at work with them as both nurturer as well as disciplinarian. Valuable tool for teaching children about boundaries and authoritarian morality. October 26, pm. May 5, am. December 15, pm.

April 23, pm. For an intruder to go that far as too throw a cat to distract a dog….. The airedale loyalty is unmatched in the canine world. June 22, pm. Darwin Raj. Hye i have been planning to get a dog which is friendly and protective to the owner at the same time.

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So i was thinking about getting any shepherd or mastiff breeds. For now what i have in mind is caucasian shepherd, german shepherd or bullmastiff. Can you please give your recommendation in which to choose from and why. November 7, pm. Kimberly Alt Admin. I suggest meeting with different dogs and seeing which one you feel most drawn to. When I adopted my dog, I based it off of which dog chose me. It was clear that we were a perfect fit. I hope you find the same thing! November 8, am.

Breeds that are Eager to Please

Pugs are known to be quite affectionate towards children and they will follow your kids wherever they go. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. Size and Activity If you live in an apartment, you might want to consider a small or medium dog breed. Help is out there Pet behavior issues? These affectionate bird dogs require professional grooming, but their sweet, playful natures makes them well suited for family life. A bullmastiff has brute strength.

Out of those dogs… if you are a first time owner or new to big guard dogs I would without a doubt tell you to go with the GS… very obedient… loving…trustworthy and protective. Julie Cason.

Finding a Good Home for Your Dog

October 23, pm. Hi Julie, thanks for pointing this out to us. Ear cropping and tail docking can be unnecessary mutilation to the dog. October 24, am.

What should I consider when looking for kid-friendly dogs?

Frances Hogan. You lose credibility when you do not post a photo of a boxer. July 8, pm. July 9, am.

Pepper Freeman. June 23, pm. Sorry about that! I will be sure to fix those spelling errors in the article! June 25, am. Ashtin S. I have a rottweiler mastiff mix and he is SO protective! We connect our backyard with a neighbor only separated by a fence and when the guy walks around my dog sits in front of me. June 13, pm. June 27, pm. Julie D Kennedy. I disagree about the Doberman pincher. The only good thing is their short hair. May 16, am. Kelley McBurnie. Once we were well acquainted, they were very sweet and protective. January 9, am.

18 Dogs That Are Good With Kids — Best Dog Breeds for Kids

All well behaved also. What you have experienced seems to me to be on the owners. February 27, am. April 17, am. Romans did not use Rottweilers as it was developed much much later in Germany. Big mistake. March 9, pm.

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As much as I enjoyed the article, I am literally flabbergasted that the Fila is on the list. Is this to make sure the reader was paying attention? That dog is one of the most aggressive of all breeds period, let alone of the mastiff line and requires truly the most experienced of experienced handlers.