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The Brockport Police Department collects information about registered sex offenders from the registration agency, which may be a court, a State or local correctional facility or a probation or parole agency, or from the sex offender directly. Although the Department attempts to include only accurate and complete information in the Subdirectory, the Department does not independently verify registration information.

The Department updates this information regularly to try to assure that it is complete and accurate. However, this information can change frequently. Users are cautioned that the information provided on this site is information of record that is reported to the Department and may not reflect the current residence, status, or other information regarding an offender.

The Department makes no express or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this data. The Subdirectory contains identifying information and information about the sex offense for which the sex offender is registered.

Sex Offender Registry

It does not reflect the entire criminal history of a listed sex offender. The main purpose of providing this data on the Internet is to make the information more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual.

Users are cautioned that positive identification of an individual cannot be conclusively established by comparing name, date of birth, social security number or other information with that provided in these listings. Comparisons based on appearance may also be misleading, and cannot establish a positive identification without some possibility of error. Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution. If you believe that any of the information found in these records is in error, please contact the Brockport Police Department, , or by email.

While community notification laws are intended to lower recidivism rates, they may actually have the opposite effect.

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Such laws often result in registered offenders losing their jobs or homes, being subjected to threats and harassment from neighbors, and being subjected to property damage. Requiring detailed employment information to be posted on the Internet may deter potential employers from hiring a registered offender because they do not want to draw attention to their businesses.

Thus, they may be more likely to discriminate in hiring a registered offender. In addition to illegally violating New York Corrections Law, 18 such an outcome makes it even more difficult for individuals who have served sentences for their crimes to reintegrate into society.

Bills such as S. Moreover, research has found that sex offenders who are gainfully employed are less likely to violate the terms of their probation. Moreover, A. Research suggests that the best way to promote public safety is by taking preventative measures — such as ensuring stable housing and providing treatment and mental health services — to those convicted of sexual crimes.

Comptroller: Sex Offenders Got Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Courtesy Of New York Taxpayers

Supportive services which enable individuals convicted of sexual offenses to work and return to their lives may reduce recidivism amongst the small percentage of registered offenders who actually pose a risk of reoffense. Neither A. Indeed, increasing the number of registered offenders about whom communities are notified, as well as the volume of information about them has the tendency to decrease public safety. Bussiere, Predicting Relapse: A meta-analysis of sexual offender recidivism studies, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology The determination is made by a board of examiners, who consider each offender on an individual basis to assess their potential public safety threat.

Sex Offender Management

The board looks among other factors at the nature of the crime that was committed, whether the individual has a mental illness which makes them more likely to engage in predatory sexual offenses, whether their crime was violent, and their response to treatment in making such a determination. The classification level and threat of reoffense correlates with escalating disclosure and information-sharing requirements. They were developed prior to scientific research that establishes clear correlations between particular characteristics and behaviors of an offender and a propensity to re-offend.

See, e. MacFarland , 29 Misc. New York City Dept. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Print.

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Introduction Lawmakers have an important role in protecting communities from sexual victimization. More Information does not Result in Safer Communities Community notification laws are grounded in the belief that by informing the public of the locations of registered offenders, communities will be better able to protect children from sexual violence from strangers. Registered Sex Offenders do not Reoffend at a High Rate Recidivism rates among sex offenders are in fact much lower than recidivism rates among people convicted of other felonies. Community Notification Laws do not Help People Make Informed Decisions Registration requirements are not limited to individuals who committed serious crimes or individuals who present the greatest threat to public safety.

Inappropriate, Broad Dissemination of Information about Registered Sex Offenders can lead to a Decrease in Public Safety While community notification laws are intended to lower recidivism rates, they may actually have the opposite effect.

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Home of the Official New York State Sex Offender Registry Search. Get the Facts on some common Sex Offender Myths. Read our FAQ. Learn how you can. New York State's Sex Offender Registry was created by the state's Sex Offender Registration Act. It is intended to provide the public with information on the status .

Conclusion Neither A. Sponsors Weisenberg, Klein. Bill number A. Position Oppose. Related Issues Due Process and Justice.